ARTIST: Richard L. George

In Short:

Richard is a Catholic artist who although studied art at different schools, he received a B.A. in Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Over the years Richard has been blessed with the opportunities of exploring and learning a variety of artistic styles, techniques, and mediums including: fine art, graphic art, Iconography, digital 2D and 3D art & animation using everything from oils, pastels, watercolor, acrylic, egg tempera to digital 2d and 3d computer programs.

For the past 27 years he has enjoyed numerous religious art commissions. In addition, he has worked for 10 years as a 3D production artist/animator at an engineering firm, helping him to develop a greater attention to detail in his artwork.
As there have been many requests for prints, Richard began RL George Studio.


My mission, like every baptized Christian, is first and foremost to participate in the work of Evangelization.

And just as all believers are called to bear witness that in Christ, God the Father has reconciled the world to Himself, I choose to do so through art and in art.

Inspired by Saint Pope John Paul II and encouraged by his appeal to artists, I look to "craft" and present artistic works that witness redemption and lift heart and mind to God . . . with each prayer, each choice, and every stroke of the brush, my desire is to present opportunities for moments of God's grace and mercy for others.